Mateusz Falkowski

Graduate Student

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Mateusz is a Ph.D. student studying early modern Europe with particular focus on intellectual and cultural history. He is a recent convert to the history of the book, reading, and scholarship. He is currently starting a project exploring the difficulties of managing historical knowledge about the post-classical period in the sixteenth-century Spain. He is interested in past scholarly practices, production and managing knowledge as well as early modern history of science. He continues to be curious about environmental history, especially when it intersects with the history of expertise, early modern Mediterranean, and the Ottoman Empire. Mateusz presented his work at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic; before entering the program in history at Princeton, he studied at the University of Warsaw, University of Edinburgh, and New York University. He holds degrees in history and Arabic.

Major publication:

Fear and Abundance. Reshaping of Royal Forests in Sixteenth-century Poland and Lithuania (link is external)’, Environmental History 22.4 (2017): 618–642.

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