Nigel Smith, Director

William and Annie S. Paton Foundation Professor of Ancient and Modern Literature; Professor of English

Basile Baudez

Assistant Professor of Art and Archaeology; George H. and Mildred F. Whitfield Preceptor in the Humanities Architectural History

Anthony T. Grafton

Henry Putnam University Professor of History. Director, Program in European Cultural Studies

Wendy Heller

Scheide Professor of Music History. Professor of Music. Chair, Department of Music. Director, Program in Italian Studies;

Marina S. Brownlee

Robert Schirmer Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature

Benjamin Elman

Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies; Professor of East Asian Studies and History

Pietro Frassica

Professor of French and Italian. Associate Chair, Department of French and Italian

Russ Leo

Associate Professor of English

Alexander Nehamas

Edmund N. Carpenter II Class of 1943 Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus; Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature, Emeritus

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